Wednesday, December 9, 2009

first time ever first one for the first

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! first time, gonna start, lets see how long this mudda ass lasts

so i gotta mudda fukkin final tomorrow, its the final of the final for the final of the world.. yep thats right... after this final....... IM DONE WITH SCHOOL, getting a BA in assntittyology

jk... psychology.. so i can mind fuck u

i was inspired by a lil someone who writes delicious scrumpcious eye tantalizing blogs... shes got great grammar and writing style oh wow what a mind boner that is! the writing skill is so elite, its like porn for english majors... alright enough of the cock riding on the girl... but thanks

astalama lekum mudda sack nuts

1 comment:

  1. I'm following you brother! hey glad to see you bloggin... My blog is about my art, nothing of special though :)

    Hey can u answer me one question, in the unco same and unco chin song, you finish with "du you feel das sip biss", what does that mean in good english. I think biss is for bitch.. and the rest? Thanks man :)