Thursday, December 10, 2009

whats love got to do with it?

I was asked today “whats love to you?”…. and that question just froze me up like a nipple on an ice cube. No one really asks that kinda shit these days… Or maybe it’s the type of people im surrounded by? Who knows? For all I know the all mighty sacred L word hasn’t crossed my mind or even had an existence in my life for a very long time. The concept of love is like a long forgotten myth to me, is that story book romance shit even possible these days?

Then it hit me…. It may be our expectations, assumptions, imaginary fantasies and watching too much movies about love that is screwing with our minds of what love actually is.

People who find this topic kinda hard to engage, maybe you understand where im coming from. Im thinking real hard about this because it’s not something that a man thinks about every day of his life. I left love in the attic to collect spider shit and homo fairy dust because it was easier to live without it. I know it may seem strange, how can you have a relationship without love? Seriously… hmm how could I? Well… the relationships didn’t last long that’s for sure. It’s always easier to not emotionally invest too much just incase something goes wrong, im able to pull out without too much risk right? I think after a series of break ups, I began to see that it was becoming easier and easier to not get my emotions involved. I think we all learn sooner or later to build up a wall and forget all about the emotional aspects of a relationship and just stick with the non risky shit like chilling, partying, fucking, good company, whatever.

Do we really need love though?

I think for our species to survive, yea we need it. Yea, we don’t need love to fuck and make babies, but we do need love to combine forces as united parents of a lovership and get shit handled ya know? I mean think about it, would people really go through all that bullshit if they didn’t love the person? So why love anyway? Seems like it’s a lose lose situation. Go ahead and ask that to a person in-love, they see the world way differently. It’s like asking a fairy that’s frolicking around like a fruit basket in the middle of Iraq; “excuse me you prancy lil fag, how can you be sucha jolly little bitch during all this time of hate?” That fairy isn’t gonna see the dead bodies and broken buildings around em, hes living in his own world as the happiest motha fucka alive. Love takes you to another place, it’s like a drug, your whole reality changes when 2 combine as 1 and the souls join forces to make a double team of emo-energy. People on it are in another world, something that I can’t really understand. Love is what makes us human. If we were purely logical beings without any love, we’d be robots. So then what’s going to separate me from a dildo? I gotta have something that the dildo doesn’t or else that motha fucka is gonna steal all the ladies! So maybe one day ill experience this love, and be able to expand upon it… until then, im just a safe observer, not the subject involved

Ima huge fan of the oldies, a lot of the songs have men having no shame in expressing the love for their woman. Who can really sings this kinda shit boldly now days, seems like everythings about cheating, lusting, gaming, and fucking (but I don’t really mind that one ahahaha). It’s good to have variety in though, I can really feel the raw emotions coming through these tracks and I envy those who can experience this.

On another note, for those of ya that don’t know, the artist for these dope ass tracks I been playing died on this day Dec 10th. He’s most definitely one of my favoritestested soul musicians and there will be no other like him. A true man, with a lot of love Otis Ray Redding, Jr. (September 9, 1941 – December 10, 1967) RIP

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  1. I see that my recent break up and the reasoning behind it really got you thinking too. It's tough man, once you have let down your walls and become transparent in a relationship, that is when you really find out what true love is since you have fully put your trust in that person and they accept you for who you are. That's when pure innocence comes in and also pure bliss, but the moment something rocks this perfect world, one or both partners bring up the walls again and it can never go back again to its pure form. Fear, insecurity, etc comes into play when one person in the relationship has put their walls back up and it will end it. If one partner did not put their walls back up while the other one did after a situation, the person who has left themselves truly transparent in their pure form will be left with a heartbreak or disappointment that surpassing just emotions, the pain bleeds into their physical form as well. Love is basically feeling a total connection with somebody and looking forward to the future together with absolutely no fear but only excitement. Feeling you can be who you are and thats the only person they want you to be and vice versa. Love can be a fickle bitch at times though because of all the outside circumstances and temptations who face everyday. It's really a test about self control and dedication to a person.